1 Front View, College of Law
2. Inner Side wing, College of Law
3. Inner Side View
4. Yinka Ayoola Law Garden
5. The Law Garden
6. Sitting Area of the Garden
7. Entrance to Olu Ayoola Law Library
8. Newspaper Reading Section
9. Circulation Desk
10. A section of the Reading Area
11. Harvard Law Review and Yale Law Journal
12. Inner Circulation Desk
13. All England Law Reports and other foreign subscriptions
14. A section of Nigerian weekly Law Report
15. Law of the Federation of Nigeria and other State Laws
16. Britanica, Foreign Law Reports and other Reference materials
17. Halsbury's Laws of England, Foreign and Local Practice Books
18. E-library with LexisNexis, LawPavillion, CompuLaw and other online libraries
19. Another Section of the E-library
20. Reading Carrels for Senior Researchers