1. Billboard donated by CES President
2. A section of Electrical, Electronics Laboratory
3. A section of FESTO Engineering Lab
4. A section of IC Engine Laboratory
5. A section of the AC and Refrigeration Lab
6. A section of the Pneumatics Training Systems
7. A section of the Robotic Training Systems
8. Automobile section
10. One of the  Pneumatic and Hydraulic Work Stations
11. One of the Civil Engineering Machines
12. One of the Computer training systems
13. One of the Lathe Machines
14. One of the Mechatronics Sensors Trainers
15. One of the Milling Machines
16. One of the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
17. One of the Wood Lathes
18. One of the Wood planners
19. FESTO Demonstration Session
20. Training session by FESTO official
21. Training Session by CES Industries Official